Christine is a breath of calm, offering compassionate coaching and insight through her own sober lense.  I admire how she uses her own recovery and life experiences to share from a place of truth to help others gain a freedom over their own relationship with substances.  Christine has supported me on my own path of alcohol-free living in such a beautiful and genuine way.  Take the leap of faith and know you will absolutely be well-supported by Christine as you embark upon your own recovery journey.

Kerri B

Christine has been the missing piece in my recovery from a very unhealthy relationship with alcohol.  I had known for quite some time that alcohol was not serving me in a positive way and I fully knew that I needed to stop drinking.  I had made multiple attempts to go without drinking, but would always find some reason to return.  Christine is very open with her own relationship concerning alcohol and recovery, sharing her wisdom and experience.  She has listened so intently to my life story and helped me realize the traumatic events that lead me to an unhealthy relationship to alcohol.  She has given me hope and opened my eyes to seeing how my life is so much better, in every way possible, without alcohol.  Our relationship quickly became like the feeling between longtime friends.  Christine has been a savior to me.

Debbie D

Together we can empower you to make your own choice to live an alcohol free lifestyle